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Water Marble Nails

So, I’ve been looking for a new technique to try out on my nails and came across water marbling. At first I wasn’t really sure how the colors would turn out if they are diluted in water but it turns out really nice.
It’s a lot simpler than i thought it would be. Some things I discovered the hard way… use bottled water, the first color add 2 drops and don’t forget to shake your nail in the water to get rid of any surface bubbles. Also, I did one hand at once. I didn’t want to waste polish because I use OPI and in Japan is $25 a bottle. I get all mine from the US but still waste not want not!
Here is the most helpful video i’ve found…

I wish i saw this before my first attempt which I will post here —>


another helpful hint!


the bigger the bullseye the stronger the color turns out. On the multi color one I did if you look at my middle finger its a bit lighter then the other nails. thats cause the first time i only did the colors twice in the bullseye. The other nails I layered them three times. So if you want a more opaque look… layer more in the bullseye!


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