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Sardine in a can

On my daily morning commute to work today, I arrive at the station only to hear the train is 45 minutes delayed. Shiiiit.
So skipping ahead to when the train actually arrives. People are literally falling out of the train. I wish I had video or something but I was too shocked to move. I did catch an older gent who nearly lost his balance. Turned out that my kindness cause had an immediate effect. On the train he got a seat and helped me figure my umbrella issues out I was poking everybody. I’m sure I was THAT clueless gaijin today. Anyhoo when we arrived at his station, He stood up and got out in a way that I would be guaranteed his seat. Many people had their eye on it but he waited to move completely until I was on my way to sitting in the seat. Shout out to that kind dude. I’m sitting here comfortably with no one pushing me, and writing this blog.

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