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It’s been a while

Yeah, So I was a mixture of lazy and busy for the month of September. I didn’t post at all. So here are a few updates on what I’ve been thinking about…

September was my first month back from summer vacation. Unfortunately, my memory stick that I use for work deleted itself. I pulled it out of my PC without ejecting. BTW i don’t recommend that. So yeah, September was the month I used to catch up on all I lost. Still not quite there yet but it’s getting better.

October 1st and 2nd I had weddings that I attended. Both were beautiful ceremonies. I’m honored that I got to be apart of both of them. I sang a song at each of them. I will say this though… That will probably be the last 2 in a row I do. I was dead this week at work. I slept most of yesterday and a good chunk of today and I still feel exhausted. I’m also fighting a cold. Now that I thinking about it, if I didn’t have a cold I probably would have faired better.

Today I went to my local softbank shop to hear about the new IPhone 4S and place my order. I’m proud of myself. I was able to ask my questions and order my new phone. I can’t wait to get it! I’m rockin the Iphone 3GS and the camera and display quality are crappy. I really need a phone that takes great pictures. I also really wanted a phone that had an internal camera and decent GPS system. I don’t know why but i think i have a glitch in my sense of direction. I tend to go the exact opposite direction that I need to be going. Never fails… so yeah an accurate and idiot proof GPS system would be great. My current one never pinpoints my exact location. It always seems a couple streets off.

So smoothie update…

My blender broke :*( It had a very short life. I’m not sure why or how. I went to use it and it just stopped working! Unfortunately, things aren’t easy to complain about or return here in Japan. One of the things I miss about the US. I’ll just have to absorb the cost for that one. Til i can figure out how to dispose of it and buy a new one… new smoothie entries will have to wait. Sorry guys… but do feel free to post any of your ideas!

Nail update…

Like I said I’ve been pretty lazy and busy. This also equals to me being stressed out. My nails have become more brittle and break easily. I’m having a hard time growing my nails out. I don’t have enough of a canvas to do my marble french so I’ve turned to crackle. Now i’m using black crackle over hot pink nail polish. I’ll post a pic.


So that’s pretty much it. Nothing exciting really. I’m hoping to get back to a normal schedule again soon.


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