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I’m getting lazy

Sorry peeps, I’ve been getting lazy with this whole blogging thing. I’ve also been extremely busy. I teach at a school and my kids graduated. I almost cried but managed to suck it up. They were my first graduating class so I will miss them even though they made me want to tear out my hair most of the time. Those kids have a good heart. I just hope they grow up while they are in school before they get to the real world.

My life has become a boring pattern of waking up at 5, going to work, coming home, working on some stuff, showering, sleeping and doing it all over again. I’ve seriously lost months over this. I feel like it should still be November! My goal is to make something of my days. I’ve fallen out of touch with lots of people recently and i’m trying little by little to get that back. That seems to happen a lot in the winter months for me. My doctor once told me I have seasonal depression. I just think i must have been a bear in a past life, only in this life I’m not allowed to use hibernation as an excuse from work.

Anyway, I haven’t been doing much cooking at home or cleaning for that matter. My place is once again a disaster area that I hope to remedy tomorrow. I will dedicate an entire day to cleaning and getting my pots ready to transfer my cooking herbs! I’m growing from seed… cucumber, tomato, basil and shiso leaf! I can’t wait! My cucumbers were pretty good last year!

Let’s see what else…. oh I’ve gained weight…. yes, again! So i’ve decided to do a get out of the kotatsu table diet. For those of you who don’t know a kotatsu table is a low table in japan that has a heater under it. You throw a blanket over it and it keeps you warm in the winter months. The upside, keeps you warm but keep cost of electricity way lower than using a heater! Downside… you won’t move from your very toasty spot. I have created a nest so that I can reach everything i need from the one spot i sit in. Hence the mess in my house.


I’ve also purchased a new blender! I know yay! I hope to create some new smoothie recipes soon! I’ll wait til it warms up a little. Anyhoo! I broke down and bought a magic bullet. I’ve made a smoothie and hummus so far. i’m not sure how I feel about it yet but i will say i’m not in love with it. we will see if that changes.


Yeah, so the new school year has started! I’m excited to meet the new teachers and 1st year students, and of course happy to see my old students! I really hope this year will be a less stressful year because I can’t go through what I went through last year again… I just can’t. It’s looking a little iffy now, but i hope that’s just cause we are starting off.

On a happy note, I’ve got a lot to look forward to this year. I have two wonderful friends visiting in the month of May. Also my dad might come for a visit on business! This year I will also get to visit home! First time in 2 years. I am very homesick and can’t wait! So many amazing things for this year. I will also be going on my very first cruise, so I need to get swimsuit ready. I’m glad that Americans don’t care as much about body image, If you’ve got it, flaunt it! And I’ve gots my jigglies!

I’m also really, really, really excited to see my friend’s baby. He was born a bit ago and will be about 3-4 months when I visit! I hated that I wasn’t there for his birth so I’m glad i’ll get to see him soon! I also miss my other kids that I took care of since they were babies. They are growing so fast without me. I feel old.

I guess those are mostly the highlights… i’ll try to get to more useful posts later! Maybe more recipes, or info on Japan! I’ll try!



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