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Oven Fries

I’ll admit it… I love fatty, oily, creamy, sugary bad for you food. It’s my favorite. I love junk food. Well, now that I have passed my mid-twenties i decided its time to get serious. My body can’t handle it. It didn’t handle it well in the first place but I deluded myself into thinking that i’d shape up when i’m on my way to thirty. Well, i don’t what made me change but i had the urge for a serious lifestyle change. I’m still going to eat all my fav junk. Just do it in moderation, and look for ways that are healthier and tasty. Mind you I didn’t say healthy… I said healthiER!!!! (i’m still making excuses… i promise i’ll get past it at some point!)

So I really wanted some fries today. But number 1 I don’t want to deal with the hassle of deep frying, number 2 frying is really not good. So I looked up some recipes for oven fries and none of them were really doing it for me. So I looked at the basics, you know seasoning ratio to oil ratio and came up with this tasty recipe!

****Like all my recipes I NEVER measure. Also, each person has different tastes, adjust to your own. I made this recipe using my nose, and tasting it and stopped when it made my mouth water. I don’t believe in measuring unless i’m baking which requires exact measurements. ****


OVEN FRIES (idk… got a better name?)


potatoes- skin on cut into steak fries

just enough EVOO to generously coat each fry (coat not drench ok? also, you will add parm cheese, this will soak up some oil please keep that in mind)

garlic powder

seasoning salt (you can use regular… i love salty food)

fresh cracked pepper(I added a lot)

grated parmesan cheese

if you want that restaurant flavor you can add a SPRINKLING of sugar (this one is not to be eyeballed! I mean it when i say a sprinkling!)


I microwaved the potatoes a bit first since i am extremely impatient!

Next throw them in a bowl and toss together. save the Parmesan cheese for LAST! Especially if you are throwing them in the bowl after microwaving… cheese will get melty.

Then put them on a cookie sheet skin side down. This should help with them not sticking. but for good measure spray a little pam on there.

Baking times… so here’s the thing… I’m in japan using a microwave/ oven so it cooks differently from a regular oven. But here’s what i did… 180 degreesC for about 30 min (idk i lost track) or until they are crisp on the outside and i can stick a fork in through the inside (which is what I did).

***the cool thing about this recipe is you can add what ever you want. Next time I might add some rosemary!


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