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Palm Reading

In Japan, fortune telling is a big deal. You can find it anywhere!! People will randomly walk up to you at the station and ask to read your palm. (I always avoid those people though…)

So yeah I don’t really rely on fortune telling. I feel that I control my own destiny, but I do enjoy seeing what they can “get” from my palm.  If I don’t like what’s said, I’ll change it. So anyhoo, I went to China town with two friends because one of them was going to Fiji to study English. We were having a sort of farewell dinner. We decided to get our palms read since Chinatown is the perfect place to do so.

Here’s what the lady said about me…

1) I will live a long life.

Dude I hope this one is true

2) at work, people rely on me to do things that are outside my job description. I am a capable  and independent worker. The company is lucky to have me.

I would say HELL YES! This is true with a capital T! I won’t go into detail because I’d like to keep this somewhat private but yeah… I’m doing someone else’s job and I was lied to about it in the beginning. I’m getting paid the same amount as people who do ZERO planning… its BS.

3) I am a human treasure.

Dude I know this to be true (haha)

4) I should start my own business or join in with a friend.

I’ll be joining a friend next year, at first part time… it’ll be epic!

5) I worry about other people’s feelings and think about other people too much. To the point it causes me stress

Yeah, thats me but thats my personality and it won’t change

6) I have poor blood circulation and get cold easily

Yup this one is true too

7) I have a weak stomach. Take care of my health

This is true too. The people around me know I get food poisoning at least twice a month

8) She asked if I had a boyfriend, on my palm it looks as though I do

I told her to point him out to me cause I’ve been single for a while

9) She said I would marry at 32 or 33 to a guy i’ve continued to have a friendship with even though we don’t stay in contact regularly

WTF, I have no idea.

So there you have it guys… my very first palm reading! She got my personality traits right on. But i believe these are easier to read because if it does show in my palm, then i’ve been that way for a while. The future can change based on my decisions so for the future, well we will just have to see!

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