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Sleepless in Japan

Ok, so ever since I’ve moved into my apartment back in the end of March I’ve had issues sleeping. Why? Because I’m stressed? Because I’m in a new surrounding? NO… because of my crazy bitch neighbor who lives above me. She looks like she’s in her late 30s and I’m sure she is insane. The first week I moved in I went to go “meet the neighbors” I brought expensive sweets and everything. This crazy woman doesn’t even say thank you! She just stares at me with her mouth open. She took the sweets but not even a bow of the head. I almost asked her if she spoke Japanese cause I know what I said was perfect!

Anyway, the first month and a half I hear loud thumping noises in the middle of the night and I can’t take it. I also hear maniacal laughter. I saw her twice in person after I met her in her apartment and saw that she walks like a F**cking dinosaur! I’m talking bad posture and everything, a real T-rex man!! So, I know she stomps when she walks but I couldn’t place the other heavier thuds I heard in the middle of the freaking night. It starts at midnight and ends around 4:30a… yes thats right AM!!!! I wake up at 5am for work. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve contemplated her removal (to put it nicely.)  So a few months pass, I go in again to complain and nothing. Another couple months and I’m starting to look really haggard, and my temper is getting shorter and shorter. This is not good because I work with teenagers… I walk in again and complain and they said they will send her a letter. The next week it gets worse! Instead of stopping at about 2 or 3 she goes all out til 4:30a! I don’t know when this bitch sleeps! So I go in again and I look like death… many people have commented on the HUGE bags under my eyes. And I tell them look ,I can’t sleep, I want to talk to the cops and file a complaint of noise pollution. Apparently they don’t really have a system like that here. But the real estate dude FINALLY took me seriously I think he could tell from the tired lines on my face that I wasn’t messing around. He told me no one else has filed a complaint. I told him my apartment shakes whenever she does whatever she’s doing up there and that I was shocked there were no other complaints. I told him i tried to record it, but it doesn’t pick it up very well. I told him I’d rather they hear for themselves but the office is closed when she does it. So he called the manager and apparently they made an appointment to talk to the dinosaur.

I get a call the next day and he asks me if that night things were better… I said yeah! He said it turns out she is a college student and she is in a Ballet club. She is practicing her F**CKING JUMPS in the middle of the F**CKING night! Unbelievable!!!!!!! You know what, no matter how hard she practices she is still going to suck cause her posture is horrible and her walk is way too heavy. Nothing about this girl screams grace. I wish she would save everyone the stress and quit cause ballet dancing is never going to happen for that girl. She still practices after 11p but if she goes past the midnight mark i’m going up there and I promise all hell will break loose. I’m a different human being when I lack sleep.

**update… wow… looking back at this I see what an angry grumpy person i was when i don’t get decent sleep for a few months… Still the situation is unbelievable but I have energy now and I’m my old self again!! I missed being a happy upbeat person! it’s good to be back!

**Second Update (is this a thing)

I have gotten to know my neighbors pretty well, and we talked about how the neighbors often change in my 4 room apartment building. Most have been college students… so too many parties in my opinion BUT I got confirmation! I was not crazy! The neighbors I spoke to all said she was weird, and had a creepy laugh, and was a strange person in general. I wish they would have spoken to my realtor so I wasn’t the only person complaining. Maybe she would have left sooner. Oh well, at least I know I wasn’t the only one who thought a crazy was in the neighborhood.

Also! It wasn’t ballet. In Japan, Volleyball and Ballet use the same katakana/pronunciation. They shorten volleyball to just volley and because the V sound doesn’t exist it becomes a B sound. I knew ballet was impossible.  There was no way she was a dancer of any kind. She was practicing her volleyball jumps in the middle of the night. Ballet would never be so noisy. So glad she is gone!

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