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Gel nails- A new beginning

So, I have those type of nails that are so brittle they peel off in layers and straight up break if I touch ANYTHING. When I was 16 and working part time I got paid really well and had a lot of spending money. I got my nails done every other week. It was then when my nails were FINALLY able to grow out because they have this awesome gel nail polish that grows out with it. So remembering that, and after seeing a friend of mine do her own gel nails, I decided to get into myself. The polish is really cheap! 290yen on Amazon.jp. The UV lamp was about 2,800yen. All the items were cheap separately, but I bought everything at once so I spent about 10,000yen.

I haven’t done any research or watched any youtube videos yet. I’m hoping to over spring break! So my first two attempts look very sloppy and ended up coming off because I went too much onto the edges and cuticles. I’ll post them so we can see if I improve at all over time.

  I don’t know if you can see the lint on the pink ones. I didn’t know I needed to rub off the uncured nail polish with alcohol to get them to be smooth and not sticky. So I went to bed with my hands neatly placed on the bed by my sides only to wake up to a bunch of lint and still sticky polish. Should have googled earlier….
  The set arrived a bit before Valentine’s Day so I decided to include a heart stone!

 Second try. I like the milky series. It makes it really easy to do a color gradation. I also added some glitter gradation!

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