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We are in the middle of rainy season in Japan. I don’t know if you know but it’s not common to have dryers in Japan, so all laundry must be hung out to dry. If you hang your laundry in your house it takes forever to dry and sometimes it gets that damp smell. I hate that! I’m ready for fall. You heard me… fall. Summers here are getting hotter and hotter and so humid that you are sweating in 2 seconds. That’s all I have to say about that.

Today my friends are throwing me and 2 good friends of mine a combined birthday party. I’m excited, and I know i’ll feel up to it once i’m out. But the trouble is i’m finding it hard to get the motivation to get ready. Dudes out there. You have no idea. Things I need to do to get ready for a night on the town…

1. Shower (it will take at least an hour today)

2. shave my legs and wash my hair (these take some time)

3. style my hair (this will take at least 30minutes)

4. put on makeup

5. pick an outfit (this will take time too)

6. do my nails (not just paint, i have to shape them and i’m going to french tip them and add a little extra design)

7. Paint my toes! (something cute… i might where wedge sandals today)

Dudes have it so easy. You just take a quick shower, gel your hair and done! So when a girl is late, be patient. She went through a lot to get ready to see you. Enjoy it without comment on the time.

Going back to the laundry bit… my machine is calling me to tell me its done.

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