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They’re coming to take me away (reader beware, not for those with weak stomachs!)

Yesterday I had an awesome day. I went to the festival, I had great beer, a delicious gyro and got to spend time with great people. Today I’m going to an onsen (hotspring), so I had a lot to look forward to. The only downer was that I had a bad stomachache last night. Well, shit hit the fan people. At about 1:30a I started to feel nauseous and at 2:30a everything I had left was coming up. Now, I’m used to getting food poisoning, I unfortunately have a weak stomach, but I puke and go back to sleep and it’s like nothing happened the next day. Maybe my throat is a bit raw. But last night’s food poisoning was coupled with severe, and I mean a severe stomachache. I normally avoid the hospital, I hate needles, I can be on my death bed and i’ll still try to argue my way out of going. Well I was alone in the house and I was really worried that if something happened no one would know if things went from bad to worse. I called my friend to see if she had any problems since we ate the same food. She was ok, like I said I have a weak stomach. But I was crying from the pain so of course she worried. She’s my big sis. So anyway she told me to go to the hospital I said no a few times, then decided there was no way I could not go. I was scared to go to sleep. Like I said if it wasn’t food poisoning like i’m used to what could it be? The unknown is a scary thing.

She called the ambulance for me at 2:30a, I love her. Anyway, I was so embarrassed, I’m sure my neighbors heard everything. (Side note: One neighbor did hear. The nice lady next to me asked me if i was ok the next day when we ran into eachother… EMBARRASSING!) But I also felt relief. Right before the ambulance came my stomach was emptied. EVERYTHING came up! They found me on the floor of my bathroom. I was able to walk onto the ambulance. I was still dry heaving, but the pain was finally getting better.

The hospital is a 5 minute walk from my house. I was going to attempt it at first but decided against it. Anyway we got there in no time. The first hour I was there, I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings. I had to run to the bathroom a few times blah blah blah. They put an IV in me… ok pause… I have to talk about this. Normally when I get an IV they put it in the inside of my elbow. Well this old lady was putting it in the inside of my forearm. Is that normal? Not to mention she stuck me like 10 times!!! I was crying like a baby cause it HURT!

My bruise courtesy of the ill attempts at giving me an IV.

Then the cutie doctor said to put it in my hand. That hurt too by the way. So anyway, this is when I noticed my doctor was kinda cute. impeccable timing i know. He spoke some English which is why he was assigned to me. So yeah had to answer all those REALLY embarrassing questions to this cutie doctor. I’m never going to the ER again! And I really really hope I don’t see him around cause my house is seriously 5 minutes away.

Alright I got to go catch the train for my onsen trip. But I got home at 6am slept for a few and feel well enough to go so i’m off!

Question: Have you ever had to be carried away in an ambulance?

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