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Smoothie Don’t

Yesterday I wanted a strawberry pina colada type smoothie so I opened up my can of pineapples and added it into my usual base. You know the milk, yogurt base (the recipe is written under Smoothie kick post.) I made it twice once with regular milk once with coconut milk. Anyway, I’ve had  a bad headache all day and wasn’t even thinking about the possibility or curdling my milk. Guess, what happened. As I was drinking it, I thought… “ok this isn’t too bad in the flavor department, not one of my best though.”  Then as I got to the bottom of it, it got slightly foamy and a little grainy in the texture department. Still totally drinkable, and if I hadn’t known the ingredients I wouldn’t have noticed, but I was so worried while I was drinking it, so any slight change I was aware of. I guess it just mentally weirded me out.

Lesson of the day is no milk and pineapple. If I were to make this again, I would probably only use the juice from the pineapple can or only yogurt. Im a texture freak and I cant stand grainy food. Let me know if you’ve had better luck mixing pineapple and milk.


Side note: I used canned pineapple. I recommend cutting these into bits and freezing them because it releases a lot of liquid into your smoothie if its not frozen.

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