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I mentioned the other day about tamagokake-gohan. When abbreviated TKG. I just couldn’t wait to give the garlic soy sauce a try and it was delicious. It was completely different from the plain one. I totally recommend it! It raised the level of this simple dish times 10!

The one in the photo is a bit frothy because I didn’t have enough rice in it but delicious all the same.


Some countries tell you not to eat eggs raw but in Japan it is normal. Please be safe and follow the guidelines of your country and know what eggs you can eat raw and which you cannot before trying a recipe like this one.



Garlic soy sauce

I got my hands on some raw garlic. Usually the ones at the grocery store have been dried a bit. These were not so they stank. Let me tell you! I’m a huge garlic fan but Wooo!

So I was thinking about ways to use it and my coworker said her favorite for garlic that was just pulled out of the ground was to soak them in soy sauce so I can make garlic soy sauce! I don’t know if I’ll be able to use the cloves I put in there or just the soy sauce but I’ll update you and let you know.

I’m excited to use it in a number of ways, but my number one way might be with tamago-kake-gohan. This is where you take rice, crack a raw egg in it and add a drizzle of soy sauce. In this case I would use my garlic soy sauce.

Now,  I realize in some countries eating raw egg is dangerous. But in Japan, it is normal. Please make sure you use the proper eggs before trying that particular recipe at home.

i added a bit more soy sauce than in this picture.

There we go!

So for the past 8+ years I have wanted one of those nice cameras that you see photographers carrying around. I got my first point and shoot 10ish years ago in my senior year of high school and I love documenting moments. When I moved to Japan in 09′ I brought it with me but technology is fast moving and I wasn’t able to get the picture to turn out how I see it in my mind. Living in Japan, I have had so many wonderful moments and chances to travel and see the beautiful culture that is Japan. Out of convenience and due to technology, my iPhone 3s camera was more than enough and portable to carry around and use.

It was enough all the way through the 5s that I now use. My friend/roommate for three months had a mirrorless camera and let me play with it. I loved the photos I was able to get with it. I asked her to come with me and look at some cameras since I had no idea what I was looking for. I know I wanted something between a point and shoot and a DSLR. I wanted a camera I could learn on but still be able to use right away. We came across this Olympus E-M10. I picked it up and it just felt right to me. We looked up reviews right then and there and I there were not many bad things to say. People looking for the same things as me out of a camera had bought this and were satisfied. The only negative review I saw, was that it was too small for someone’s big hands. I’m 4ft11in, it fit perfectly in mine and it wasn’t too heavy.

I stepped away and we went to a cafe where we could research a bit more and then I had decided. This was the one for me. It would be my 30th birthday present to myself from myself. I have never paid a credit card in installments, so this was my first big purchase. I was really nervous but confident that it would be worth it. I’ve had it for a little over a month and I have to say I am pleased! 

Here is a photo of my Olympus on top and my Dad’s camera on the bottom. I had a choice of colors and everyone told me to go for the black on black because the lens was black but I liked the silver. I couldn’t explain why, it just felt familiar to me. Apparently this was the camera I played with when I was younger. I even found myself looking at a similar strap that is not my normal style, but I was drawn to it. It looked exactly like Daddy’s.

Here are some photos I took with my camera! I am 100% satisfied with my purchase!

Ah, this just feels like warm weather!


These were at the squirrel park


These were during cherry blossom season


I did this simple design on 12/21/2014. I went to a christmas gathering and was feeling festive. Just s basic red and then green gems on an accent finger!

When my roommate was living with me she often made this for me, and the other night I had a craving for it. So I decided to attempt it myself. I went a little red pepper happy but other than that it was perfect. I made it with what I had on hand and that was spinach. My friend made it with spinach and bok choy before. I believe usually it’s made with green onions or scallions on top.

To make this I first bought firm (もめん)tofu. Then I put it in a strainer that was sitting on top of a bowl so the liquid can drain out. To help that along I put paper towels then two heavy bowls on top to press the water out.

Next is to slice the tofu and set the pieces on paper towels. In a pan I put some oil and let it get hot and pan seared the tofu on both sides for about 4min each. Then I removed the tofu onto a plate. TIP: the more water left in the tofu the longer it will take to get a good sear on it.

I sautéed some spinach then added a few spoonfuls of sauce for flavor. (I’ll write the recipe for the sauce at the bottom.) Then I removed these onto a plate.

Once you have cooked the spinach and removed it. Add the tofu back in and dump in the sauce. Let it simmer and soak in all the flavorings. If the sauce reduces all the better.

To plate it up I just put the rice first, then spinach, then the tofu and TADA! A simple yummy meal.


Sauce recipe

3 tbs of water

3 tbs of soy sauce

1 tbs of sesame oil

2-3 tsp of brown sugar

2-3 tsp of red pepper flakes

1 tbs of sesame seeds

minced garlic (i love garlic so i added way more than 2 cloves)


I like to double the recipe because I’m one of those people who love sauce.

I mentioned before in my https://thingsonhermind.wordpress.com/2015/04/27/cooking-with-quinoa/ post that I had made a ton of food. Well, I was sick of it so I decided to remake it into something new. I was too tired to make fried rice from scratch so I just used those packets of flavoring they sell over here in Japan. Next time I think I will add some fresh veggies, like onions, carrots, peas and etc.  It wasn’t bad! From scratch is always better, but it was a new flavor made with some old ingredients and that satisfied me for the day. And I STILL have leftovers! 

Cooking with Quinoa

 So I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to get back into cooking. I soaked some chicken in dressing overnight and stir fried some bok choy with garlic and salt. I made way too much food! I only ate half the chicken! Quinoa is way more filling than I realized.

I added chicken bouillon, two cubes for 2 cups of quinoa and 4 cups of water. I probably should’ve added one more cube of chicken bouillon. Quinoa is essentially flavorless.

I want to start making bentos again and taking lunch to work. Those 25-30lbs have to come off somehow! This will be tomorrow’s lunch and probably for the rest of the week! Seriously I apparently can’t cook for 1 or 2. I cooked for a family of 4.

Practice makes perfect right. Today’s good thing is, I got off my butt and made something.  It was a successful day. Now to complete it… Dishes.

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