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The video that keeps me laughing

So, I first discovered this video about 3 years ago. And yeah… it’s still funny! It’s funny cause in a weird way… it makes perfect sense to count like that! Yes, the video is in Japanese, but you don’t need to understand to watch this video. The point of the show is that the students which are made up of Japanese comedians, are not allowed to laugh. If they laugh, they get smacked on the rear with a stick. Simulating a Japanese high school. But i’ll tell you now, don’t worry, smacking is no longer a common practice over here in public schools. Watch and enjoy!

My second blog

So i’ve attempted writing in a blog before. Unfortunately it was with my old laptop that was so slow, the only way to describe it would be like driving on the highway in a POS watching all the nice cars buzz right by you. Thankfully, I have a new laptop now, Macbook Pro thank you very much. You know, I have to say I am a convert. I used to say that I would never ever ever switch to a Mac from a PC but now I can never go back.

Back to the topic at hand. My first blog was supposed to document my adventures in Japan. I moved here a few years ago after graduating from university. Things have been tough but good, but I felt like my schedule was so routine that I had nothing to write about. So of course, I fell off that wagon.

This is my second attempt, as I mentioned before. Instead of giving it a theme, I’m just going to write about whatever pops into my head. Lucky you who randomly comes across this rant of a blog and then chooses to continue reading. I appreciate it, I do. That’s all I have to say at the moment while I try to figure out this high tech blog creator.

I have a question for you.

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