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Cooking with Quinoa

 So I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to get back into cooking. I soaked some chicken in dressing overnight and stir fried some bok choy with garlic and salt. I made way too much food! I only ate half the chicken! Quinoa is way more filling than I realized.

I added chicken bouillon, two cubes for 2 cups of quinoa and 4 cups of water. I probably should’ve added one more cube of chicken bouillon. Quinoa is essentially flavorless.

I want to start making bentos again and taking lunch to work. Those 25-30lbs have to come off somehow! This will be tomorrow’s lunch and probably for the rest of the week! Seriously I apparently can’t cook for 1 or 2. I cooked for a family of 4.

Practice makes perfect right. Today’s good thing is, I got off my butt and made something.  It was a successful day. Now to complete it… Dishes.


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  1. […] mentioned before in my https://thingsonhermind.wordpress.com/2015/04/27/cooking-with-quinoa/ post that I had made a ton of food. Well, I was sick of it so I decided to remake it into […]

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