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The other I day I had the fortune to go to Costco! I know those of you in the states its like so what, but here its a big deal. I try to never go on the weekend because it’s as packed as Disney World on the 4th of July! I work in public schools so my weekdays are busy. I’m on summer vacation now so I’m free for 6 weeks. so getting back to Costco….

I was really excited because I was looking to get my hands on some blueberries! I think you remember from my previous post, blueberries, even frozen ones, are freaking expensive! So I get to Costco and i get really excited because i found a triple berry mix! I was so excited I bought 2 bags only to realize that when i got home i would have to shove them in my tiny freezer. (side note: i did manage it don’t ask me how, i still don’t know 😉


Due to space demands I decided to mix up a berry smoothie… Here’s how it turned out.


Tarty Triple Berry Smoothie

1/4c milk

1/4c plain yogurt

1tbs honey (to taste)

about 1 cup of mixed berries

blend together with liquids at the bottom and berries on top.

*I added a lot of berries because I wanted a thicker smoothie. Feel free to tweak!



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