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Friend visited and we went to Disney for a few days during the Halloween season!

A simple Christmas design




 This dish came together when I needed a side dish and I used what I had. I cut up some white button mushrooms into thirds and sautéed them in butter and minced garlic. Added some ground pepper then a drizzle of soy sauce. DONE! They were delicious! If you give it a try, let me know what you think!

So, I have those type of nails that are so brittle they peel off in layers and straight up break if I touch ANYTHING. When I was 16 and working part time I got paid really well and had a lot of spending money. I got my nails done every other week. It was then when my nails were FINALLY able to grow out because they have this awesome gel nail polish that grows out with it. So remembering that, and after seeing a friend of mine do her own gel nails, I decided to get into myself. The polish is really cheap! 290yen on Amazon.jp. The UV lamp was about 2,800yen. All the items were cheap separately, but I bought everything at once so I spent about 10,000yen.

I haven’t done any research or watched any youtube videos yet. I’m hoping to over spring break! So my first two attempts look very sloppy and ended up coming off because I went too much onto the edges and cuticles. I’ll post them so we can see if I improve at all over time.

  I don’t know if you can see the lint on the pink ones. I didn’t know I needed to rub off the uncured nail polish with alcohol to get them to be smooth and not sticky. So I went to bed with my hands neatly placed on the bed by my sides only to wake up to a bunch of lint and still sticky polish. Should have googled earlier….
  The set arrived a bit before Valentine’s Day so I decided to include a heart stone!

 Second try. I like the milky series. It makes it really easy to do a color gradation. I also added some glitter gradation!

Hello hello! I have again been terrible in updating this, but when I do are you going to be in for an eyeful! Just wanted to do a couple of quick mini posts! The first is I have joined twitter. You can find me @TOHMblog

We will see how often that gets updated!

Balsamic chicken <—– Link to the recipe!

This was tonight’s dinner! This is a recipe that I got off of Pinterest. It looked easy enough, and now it is part of my weekly rotation! It’s quick and delicious and goes with just about anything! My nearby store didn’t have much in the way of veggies; I was planning on a spinach salad, so I went with what I had! Onions and Potatoes!

My friend boiled them together when she made them and now that is the only way I will eat them!

Here we have 3 large potatoes and one tiny onion with some salt and pepper. Boil until the potato slides off the fork and drain!

I added some more salt and pepper to taste then threw in some garlic powder. I love me some LOTS of garlic! 

I crowded the pan here because I was lazy, but I recommend doing this amount in two batches. It gives you a better sear on the chicken. And the final product. Meat and potatoes! Hopefully I can drag myself to the actual grocery store tomorrow and get some fruit and veggies!

The link to this recipe is at the top of the page. I strongly recommend you try this recipe out! It’s absolutely delicious!

I had a hard week a couple of weeks ago and I thought I deserved some alcohol. I decided I didn’t want to go for the canned stuff although they are really good over here, so I made a quick sangria. I thought it would be more complicated but it’s like a smoothie only the base is wine and you don’t blend it. HA!

I used what I had on hand so my frozen strawberries and blueberries went in there. I also sliced up some oranges and threw those in. I added a bit of honey to sweeten it and I let it sit for a couple hours then decided it was time. I splashed in some Mitsuya Cider which is similar to Sprite and TADA! A 2 hour Sangria! It was good too. Just what the doctor ordered. 

It’s summer here in Japan, and it is HOT! I have made my way to Costco and purchased frozen strawberries and mango in bulk. While my Freezer is TINY, these are necessary for having a daily smoothie at a reasonable cost. Recently my favorite is strawberry/Mango with a couple blueberries thrown in there to make it a nice purple. I use milk and yogurt as my base and sweeten it with honey. I add the fruit first. Then milk, and put yogurt on top. Then I dribble the honey on top of the yogurt. Why… well the honey, if it touches the frozen fruit, doesn’t blend well. It gets hard, and sticks to the side and you add more honey and waste what sticks to the side. I paid 3,000yen for that honey. I’m going to be stingy and smart about how I use it. (If you look closely you can see a glob of honey in the photo.)

**Oops forgot! I see a lot of recipes that add ice cubes. I am personally not a fan. I think it waters down the flavor and the frozen fruit works just fine to make that perfect smoothie consistency for me! But, that’s the beauty of it! You can add whatever you want!

Stay cool and hydrated everybody. The summers just keep getting hotter! 

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